About Us

Solutions Anpassen Pte Ltd was established by a team of individuals with experience in telematics, location-based software and customised solutions.

We aim to provide customised IT solutions that suit the unique operational objectives of our customers and hence we named our company ‘Solutions Anpassen’, which mean ‘Customised Solutions’ in German.  In addition, we believe in providing excellent before-sales and after-sales services to our customers.

Our team comprises of personnel with vast project experience in the areas of:

  • homeland security applications;
  • command and control systems;
  • customised software applications.

What We Do

Through the years of experience gained from previous projects, we realised that not all operational objectives could be adequately fulfilled by commercial-off-the-shelf solutions. Very often, the end-users of commercial-off-the-shelf systems are forced to change the way they operate and discard many of the good practices they have accumulated over the years.

At Solutions Anpassen, we analyse the unique operational requirements of our customers and advise them on the current best practices and system security issues. With the collective effort and knowledge, we will provide customised solutions that not only fulfill the operational objectives but also provide ease of transition.

Our Core Values

Customer Focused – We seek to understand, identify and serve the needs of our customers.

Integrity –  We strive to upkeep good business and personal ethics.

Reliability – We aim to deliver reliable products and excellent services to our customers.

Teamwork – We leverage on the strengths of different individuals to create synergies that advance the objectives of our organisation.

Technology Enthusiast – We believe that continuous learning is beneficial to our organisation and customers.