Tracer is an enterprise fleet and asset tracking system that incorporates GPS with Solutions Anpassen’s proprietary GIS platform. This combination of GPS and GIS provides users with an efficient system for tracking fleets and assets, and performing post-operation analysis.

Custom Software Development

We believe not all operational objectives can be adequately fulfilled by commercial-off-the-shelf solutions.

At Solutions Anpassen, we seek to understand our customers’ business objectives, processes and challenges. With this critical information, we shall analyse the requirements and propose customised software solutions to enhance their operations.

Mobile Application Development

The growth of mobile smart devices has caused a change in paradigm in how organisations operate. Organisations are now able to leverage on mobile smart devices as a platform for various applications such as fleet management, real-time communications and incident reporting.

 We offer the following mobility solutions:

  • Development of mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms;
  • Development of web services that integrate databases, business logic and mobile applications;
  • Development of enterprise level systems that incorporate mobile smart devices.


  • Through the years of experience gained in engaging customers from both the private and government sectors, we realised the following are some of the project challenges the customers faced:
  • Inability to formalize initial scope due to fragmented requirements from multiple user groups;
  • Conflict of interests  between management and ground employees. E.g. Introduction of a new software system might force employees to drastically change the way they operate;
  • Insufficient IT knowledge to define requirements that could be realistically fulfilled using present technologies at a given budget.

With our experience, we will be able to create synergies between the different stakeholders such as project sponsors, project managers and end-users through the entire system development life cycle.

System Maintenance

Apart developing software applications, we also provide system maintenance services. The services we offer include:

  • Onsite / offsite support;
  • Corrective maintenance;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • System enhancements.
We offer our customers a high level of service support at a competitive costs to maintain the up-time and usability of their system.